Safety Culture

Public Sector Star Certification
WSACC was awarded the Public Sector Star certification by the North Carolina Department of Labor Commissioner, Cherie Berry, in February of 2010. This certification is a program where the North Carolina Department of Labor recognizes workplaces with exemplary occupational safety and health programs. WSACC is the 13th Public Sector Star site in North Carolina. The benefits of being a STAR organization include: improved employee motivation to work safely leading to better quality and productivity; reduced workers’ compensation costs; recognition in the community; and improvement to safety programs through internal and external review.

ISO 14001 Certification
WSACC received ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System (EMS) program in June 2011. ISO is an international standards organization that has developed standards to be used universally throughout participating countries for what should be the major elements of an EMS program. This is a voluntary program and organizations seeking to implement a certified ISO 14001 EMS must pass a third-party audit by a certified registrar. The benefits of an EMS program include improvement in compliance; development of universal operating procedures; reduction in major environmental impacts; potential reduction in operating costs; improved communications internally and externally; and potential regulatory relief. WSACC has become North Carolina’s fourth governmental entity to become ISO 14001 certified.

ISO 45001 Certification
WSACC received ISO 45001 certification for its Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System in March 2015. The ISO 45001 standard provides the framework for managing and controlling health and safety risks and improving the OH&S performance. This is a voluntary program and organizations seeking to implement a certified ISO 45001 OH&S Management System must pass a third-party audit by a certified registrar. The benefits of an OH&S program include a safe work environment for staff and contractors; reduction in accident and incident rates, development of health and safety programs and operating procedures; improvement in communications internally and externally; and reduced likelihood of potential fines. WSACC has become North Carolina’s first governmental entity to become ISO 45001 certified.

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